Monster And Master Welding Helmet Review

Check out the Monster and Master welding helmet, its features, and its pros and cons.

The best protective gear you can invest in is one of the best auto-darkening welding helmets. One such noteworthy product is the Monster and Master Welding Helmet.

You will do well by preparing and investing in personal protection equipment. The metal production industry or metal fabrication industry has a fair share of health risks and hazards.

The rigorous mechanics involved in metalworking include welding, press machines, abrasive wheel cutting, and sometimes even the dangerous plasma cutting processes.

If you are looking for an affordable welding helmet with great protective features, this is a great helmet to get started with.

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The Monster And Master Welding Helmet Reivew

Monster and Master Welding Helmet

Monster and Master Welding Helmet

Main Features

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Before we go over the details of the Monster and Master welding helmet, let’s take a look at the company that makes this high-grade equipment available for consumers worldwide.

Even though Monster and Master is a relatively new company, it is an up-and-coming brand. Its products compete with those from other brands even if it only started in 2019.

The company has already designed and produced more than a hundred high-quality tools and equipment to date.

Monster and Master is in the market to provide household-level consumers with a wide array of tools and equipment selections.

The company makes it possible for professional-grade equipment to be available to even entry-level customers and users.

Monster and Master Welding Helmet Overview

The Monster and Master is an auto-darkening welding helmet.

It is a piece of excellent personal protection equipment for welding, metal cutting, and metal grinding applications.

It belongs to the Monster and Master MM-WH series welding helmets, comprising the 003, 002, and 001.

Among the three welding helmets, the 003 has the smallest viewing lens, and it is intended for metalworking tasks having normal viewing requirements.

The 002 and 001 are more improved versions of the 003, but the 003 is more than enough to keep your eyes, face, and neck safe during any metalworking tasks.

Who Is This Product For?

The Monster and Master MM-WH-003 welding helmet is perfect for professionals in the metal production and metal fabrication industry.

However, one does not have to be a professional metalworker to use the Monster and Master welding helmet.

It can be a protective gear even for entry-level welders and metalworking beginners.

What’s In the Box?

The package includes the Monster and Master welding helmet, an adjustable headgear, and a lithium battery.

Everything else built into the welding helmet consists of an auto-shading lens with a shade control knob, sensitivity controller, and delay adjustment knob.


The Monster and Master welding helmet is a multi-functional helmet that you can use for welding tasks and other metalworking applications.

Other applicable tasks include abrasive wheel cutting and the different processes of plasma metalworking.

The following features make the MM-WH-003 welding helmet include in the list of the best welding helmets.

Sufficient Viewing Area

The viewing lens of the MM-WH-003 welding helmet measures 3.64 by 1.67 inches.

It is a solar-powered auto-darkening viewing lens with a size enough for typical welding and metalworking tasks.

Weight and Comfort

Monster and Master designed the whole helmet to be lightweight, giving you the maximum comfort for extended wearing times and operation.

The viewing lens also improves visibility and reduces eye strain and irritation.

Moreover, the built-in removable headgear uses a pivot-style attachment to the helmet itself, giving it exceptional flexibility.

Sensitivity and Delay Control

Inside the helmet and right above the LCD protective plate, you will find the sensor sensitivity control knob and the auto-shade reaction delay control knob.

Turn the sensitivity control knob from low to high if you think the auto-darkening feature does not add enough shade whenever the sensors detect radiant light.

Alternatively, turn the delay knob from min to max if you think the viewing lens darkens too soon.

Auto-Shade Control

The auto-darkening shader of the viewing lens has a shade control knob on the exterior of the helmet.

View lens shading can be changed between DIN9 and DIN13 using the control knob.

How To Get The Most Out of your Monster and Master Welding Helmet

To get the most out of the Monster and Master welding helmet, give it the proper care and maintenance it deserves.

As you use it in all of your welding and metalworking tasks, notice how metal slags, small particles, and industrial debris lodge onto the surface of your helmet.

Also, notice how the protective viewing lens accumulates scratches and degrades over repetitive use.

The built-in lithium battery also vitiates the longer you get to use your  welding helmet.

One way to make your welding helmet last longer is by keeping it clean after every use and storing it in its own bag.

Another way is by keeping all of its replaceable components in tiptop shape by having replacement parts such as viewing lenses and batteries ready at all times.


The Monster and Master MM-WH-003 is a reliable welding helmet, but its simple design might get you thinking about similarly priced products with aesthetic features.

The DEKOPRO MZ224 Welding Helmet has orange skulls and flame decals that give it a pretty cool appearance.

It has almost the same size viewing area as the MM-WH-003, and both use solar panels to power the auto-shading functions.

On the other hand, you might want something with a wider viewing area and some aesthetic features.

The YESWELDER EH-091XL welding helmet has double the viewing area and practically better features than the MM-WH-003.

Additionally, the EH-091XL has blue decals and thunderbolt prints all over the helmet shell.

Wrap Up

The Monster and Master welding helmet can very well fall into a list of high-quality welding helmets under $100.

It has all the properties of a reliable welding helmet, and it has a very affordable price tag.

The welding helmet is very comfortable to wear, and it can protect your eyes from radiant light using its wide shade range.

The viewing lens has an auto-darkening feature with a fast response time, keeping the shade at an optimum level while you go about any welding or metalworking task.

Built-in adjusters let you set delay and sensitivity controls so that the viewing lens would darken at the right time with the correct amount of shading.

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