Jackson Safety HLX100 Welding Helmet Review

The Jackson Safety HLX100 Welding Helmet is an ultra-lightweight welding helmet with very comfortable headgear.

Technology has gone a long way in making tools and safety gear more convenient for use, even at the DIY household level. The Jackson Safety HLX100 welding helmet features an easy-to-use digital control panel.

Many tools and safety gear have already gone from manual hand use to electronic power operation, and many of these tools now incorporate digital features.

Welding helmets, for instance, now have auto-darkening lenses with varying shades and delay adjustments on auto-shading features.

Check out the full review of the Jackson Safety HLX100 and how it can increase your welding safety and productivity.

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The Jackson Safety HLX100 Welding Helmet Review

Jackson Safety HLX100 Welding Helmet

Jackson Safety HLX100 Welding Helmet

Main Features

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Jackson has been creating long-lasting industry-intensive safety solutions for more than 100 years.

Protective gear is at the top of its priority, and it manufactures goggles, face shields, ear covers, helmets, respirators, and welding curtains.
Jackson Safety has set a high standard for safety, notwithstanding comfort and durability.

The company has products for personnel working in various hazardous industries, construction projects, and airport runways.

Jackson Safety HLX100 Welding Helmet Overview

The Jackson Safety HLX100 is a welding helmet with a variable auto-darkening filter. It belongs to seven similar welding helmets whose only difference is in color and design attributes.

The HLX100 comes in arc angel, gold wings, stars and scars, metal, flaming butterfly, i2, and plain black.

Who Is This Product For?

The Jackson Safety HLX100 welding helmet has a convenient all-in-one hard hat interchange system, making it an excellent welding helmet for anyone working in a metalworking factory.

If you work with welding and metal cutting full time, you can ignore the hard hat interchange system. Instead, focus on the HLX100’s protective features for your eyes, ears, face, and neck.

Overall, the Jackson HLX100 welding helmet is an excellent protective headgear for professional and entry-level welders.

What’s In the Box?

The HLX100 Welding Helmet with Insight Variable ADF comes with ten clear internal safety plates and ten external safety kits. It also comes with a replacement 370 headgear.



Jackson HLX100 Features

The HLX100 Digital Welding Helmet with Insight Variable Auto Darkening Filter is also known as the Jackson 46131. You can count the HLX100 as one of the best auto-darkening welding helmets.

It uses varying shades between nine and 13 to shield and protect eyes and face from radiant energy while welding or metal cutting.

This welding helmet has a viewing area of 3.94 by 2.36 inches, which offers unobstructed views during the various stages of any welding process. The helmet has four independent sensors for reducing the possibility of blockage from smoke and other plumes.

It has an easily accessible lithium battery and solar assist technology that provides another energy source whenever you are welding in bright daylight. The HLX100 has a light indicator for when the battery power is low. 

One thing missing in the HLX100 is the 1/1/1/1 optical class rating using the balder technology, which is available to other Jackson welding helmets.

Ultra-Lightweight Shell and Extended Front

The HLX100 welding helmet’s shell only weighs six ounces, making the entire helmet ultra-lightweight.

This lightweight feature helps reduce neck tension and stress, enabling the helmet for use for extended periods.

The helmet’s extended front design increases throat and neck protection from slag, sparks, and burns.

Very Comfortable Headgear

Jackson boasts the HLX100’s built-in 370 Headgear, one of the most comfortable headgear units available in the protective headgear market.

The 370 headgear has a three-position slider to adjust the eye to lens distance, a crown strap adjustment to lower or raise the helmet, and a ratcheting knob that enables size adjustment.

Additionally, the 370 headgear has a replaceable sweatband that helps absorb perspiration and prevents sweat from dripping to cause vision obstacles.

Hard Hat Interchange System

With the hard hat interchange system, you can effortlessly remove or switch between a face shield and a welding helmet without having to remove your hard hat.

Jackson also supplies hard hats and face shields, all of which have the same interchange system with the HLX100 welding helmet.

Touch Only System

The HLX100 has easy-to-use digital controls for weld mode, grind mode, sensitivity adjustments, and delay adjustments.

There is absolutely no need to remove the helmet whenever you require a change in settings.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Jackson Safety HLX100 Welding Helmet

The Jackson HLX100 welding helmet is a significant investment, especially for entry-level welders.

Its digital controls cost more than similar welding helmets with manual adjustment knobs.

Getting the most out of the Jackson Safety HLX100 welding helmet implies making it last longer or at least a little over its intended lifespan.
To make it last longer, you have to give it proper care and maintenance.

Check for the availability of replacement batteries, so you will have access to them in situ anytime the helmet stops working.

Additionally, replacement front and interior safety plates should be available all the time.

Be sure to update your stocks whenever you are low on these replacement parts.


If you think the Jackson Safety HLX100 Welding Helmet is a bit too expensive for you, there are high-quality welding helmets under $100.

Check out the YESWELDER EH-091XL welder helmet. It may not have the digital controls of the Jackson Safety 46131, but it has a viewing lens with broader dimensions.

If you want something even cheaper, the TACKLIFE PAH03D welding helmet has the same size viewing lens and nylon material as the Jackson Safety 46131 helmet.

Wrap Up

The Jackson Safety HLX100 is easily one of the best welding helmets available in the market today.

The built-in removable Jackson 370 Headgear is one of the most comfortable industrial-grade headgears available in the market, and it is one of the easiest to use.

For maintenance, you might want to have replacement lithium batteries in stock after several months of using the helmet so that you wouldn’t have to deal with halted tasks.

The Jackson Safety HLX100 may be a more expensive professional-grade welding helmet than an affordable entry-level protective gear.

However, its long-lasting quality more than makes up for the price. You might as well consider its price tag as a good investment.


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