Instapark ADF Series GX990T Welding Helmet Review

We reviewed the Instapark ADF Series GX990T to understand better how it works and give you the information you require to make the right buying decision.

Being a welder or deciding to take up the trade as a hobby means having the right equipment.

You need to ensure that you have a welding helmet, and it has to have auto-darkening features so that the instant the flame is lit, the helmet goes dark enough to protect your eyes.



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The Instapark ADF Series GX990T Welding Helmet Review

Instapark ADF Series GX990T Welding Helmet

Instapark ADF Series GX990T

Main Features

What We Like
What We Don't Like


This is not a bad replacement helmet, especially with the design. For the overall use of the helmet it would be most suitable for occasional hobbies. There are a lot of factors to the helmet that makes us question the durability long-term.  

On the other hand, the price is affordable and has a great viewing area for beginners.

Instapark ADF Series GX990T Welding Helmet Overview

Instapark is an e-commerce brand with an online store on Amazon. The company sells various tools and appliances to help its customers detect water leaks, test outlets, install comfort items, and weld effectively.

Since there is such an array of items available, many customers can buy various things for work and home, making it a one-stop shopping location for your home needs.

Purchasing this product on Amazon is also more convenient and helpful. Customers can also shop online directly from the company and find its effects on other e-commerce sites.

Who Is This Product For?

The Instapark ADF Series GX990T Welding Helmet is suitable for anyone who welds either  infrequently. It is ideal for beginners who have never purchased or used a helmet before, but it is also an excellent choice for a replacement. 

The intricate design makes it unique, ensuring that no other team member will have the same one. Therefore, you can easily pick yours out when it’s time to put it on.

What’s Included?

The Instapark brand made sure to include everything you would need to weld safely and appropriately. It comes with no special extras, but it has all the tools and functions that you’d expect from a welding helmet.

This welding helmet comes in a plain-style cardboard box. Don’t let the outside appearance shock you, though. Included in the package are:

  • 1 x Helmet
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Warranty Card
  • 1 x Cloth Bag
  • 2 x Lens Protectors


Instapark GX990T Features

4 Arc Sensors

The Instapark ADF Series GC990T Welding Helmet includes four arc sensors to activate the darkening filter whenever an arc is struck. It also has a replaceable CR2450 battery and multiple built-in solar cells.

The automatic darkening filter reduces your need to flip the helmet up or down between your torch placements, which can improve productivity and reduce start-stop times.

You also get controls outside the helmet, allowing it to be easily adjusted without removing it.

Unique Design

The helmet is ergonomically designed and features a ratcheting headband to fit various head sizes. You also get a large viewing area, one of the largest in its class.


This helmet comes in at around 1.3 lbs, making it a very lightweight helmet. 

Switching Speed 

Compared to most premium helmets, this helmet actually clocks in a pretty remarkable switching speed of 1/30,000 of  second. 

There are multiple functions of the helmet such as the grind mode feature. 

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Instapark ADF GX990T Welding Helmet

A welding helmet is a significant investment, but you can make sure that it is the right one for you based on various factors.

You may want to consider auto-darkening features so that you can weld a variety of materials without having to stop what you are doing and remove the helmet to adjust.

Modern helmets have controls on the outside of the helmet to change them easily. It’s also essential that the helmet uses solar power; you’d quickly go through batteries if that were the only way to power the product.

It is best to choose a helmet with a replaceable battery; even with solar power, the battery will still get used.

Otherwise, you only get about seven years of life with the non-replaceable battery helmet. Once the battery dies, the lens won’t work, and you will need to purchase a new helmet.


While the Instapark ADF Series GX990T Welding Helmet is priced reasonably and does various things, we also wanted to give you another option if you’d like to consider something else.

The Velnax T7 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet also has a unique design featuring a tiger. It has a large viewing area and comes with multiple spare lenses. It is also solar-powered with a battery backup. We chose this product because of its similarities and the fact that it was priced less than the Instapark helmet.

Wrap Up

Whether you’re an experienced welder or would like to learn, the Instapark ADF Series GX990T Welding Helmet is an excellent and reliable choice for you. It is lightweight, comfortable, and comes with everything you need to be safe while welding. It is affordable, so you can quickly get one for yourself and another welding friend.



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